Oktober 29, 2011

How Keep Intelligent Brains

How Keep Intelligent Brains - With age, memory capacity can be decreased. Delays by following simple steps:

Sleep enough
We need to sleep as much as 7-8 hours a day to maintain brain health. When we rested, the brain collects a variety of incoming information and organize it properly. Conversely, lack of sleep can interfere with performance and mood.

Recommendation: do meditation
Meditation can produce gamma waves in the brain. These waves are associated with attention, memory and learning ability. Researchers from Emory University found that those who diligently meditate tend to avoid the risk of dementia and brain damage.

Eat an apple every day
Apples contain antioxidants that can increase levels of asetilkolina in the brain. Selaini tu, apples also contain quercetin, or a type of flavonoid that serves to protect brain cells from free radicals.

Recommendations: Eat foods containing omega-3
Omega-3 is widely available in salmon, tuna, and tuna. These fatty acids are beneficial to improve communication between nerve cells. New research says omega-3 can protect brain cells from Alzheimer's risk.

Diligent exercise
Sports are not only healthy body but also the brain. When exercising, the brain produce BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), a protein that serves to strengthen the neuron. BDNF brain containing a lot can accommodate more information. To increase levels of BDNF, latukan regular aerobic exercise. Other studies claim on foot gives the same benefits.

Recommendation: add exercise by lifting weights
Recent research has found that exercise is intended to build muscle, such as yoga and lifting weights, can raise levels of chemical compounds that affect the growth of neurons.

source : http://health-food-nutrition.blogspot.com


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