Desember 15, 2011

TOP 11 Things Not To Do at The gym

One of the few sweat puddles I wouldn't mind sitting on.
With a lot of hot and sweaty people in such a small place all clamoring for the same equipment, it’s important to practice good gym etiquette.
To that end, here are 11 things that you should never do at the gym:
  1. Passing in between an exerciser and the mirror.People use the mirror as an aid while lifting to ensure that their posture and balance are maintained. Cutting in between someone that is exercising and the mirror is a big no-no – and downright rude.
  2. Neglecting to wipe down equipment after use. Be kind; don’t leave your sweat behind. There are few things grosser than leaning back on a piece of equipment and landing in a sweat puddle. Use a paper towel and spray to sanitize the equipment after each use.
  3. Resting on the equipment. If the gym is busy and people might be waiting for your equipment, don’t take breaks on it. Even if there’s no line, it doesn’t mean that no one is waiting; someone may be eying your machine while killing time on another.

Desember 14, 2011

Boost Your Immune System With Fruits and Vegetables

Having a heatlhy and nutritious diet is the most important thing we can do to prevent disease.  A healthy and nutritious diet should include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and whole grains.  These foods are great sources of antioxidants, which benefit our health by neutralizing harmful molecules known as free radicals.  Heart disease, cancer, stroke and other diseases that are common with aging result from damage to cells from these free radicals.

Desember 13, 2011

Reduce the Risk of Cancer

reduce risk of cancerCancer is a very dreaded disease because it has an enormous impact on patients and their families. While still healthy, better take steps to reduce the risk of cancer.
Avoid cigarette smoke.
For those of you who smoke, immediately stop this right now. While for those of you who do not smoke, avoid smokers because  passive cigarettes smoke  actually have a greater risk of lung cancer.

Food For the Brain Development of Children

Each parent want their children grow up healthy, strong, and become a smart child. Know the child’s talents and interests, so that we as parents can help to develop it. Familiarize the child gets enough sleep and teach them to be disciplined. Give children a nutritious and healthy food to help him or her stay healthy and avoid any illness. In addition, you should know there are some food for the brain development of children, among others:

Tips for Improve Brain Memory

improve brain memoryActually, our brain will never lose its ability to memorize things. But, one thing you should know is that the performance of the brain to remember everything is affected by the nutrient needs in your body and of course your lifestyle. Even you are not a senile, but once you forget about something, especially when it is important, surely it would bother your day or even disturb your effective work. So, before you start to lose your memories, you better try these:
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