Oktober 29, 2011

Do not Do It at the Gym!

Who wants to waste time doing sports that are not effective and full of risk? Certainly not you. So, throw five movements "in vain" and potentially provide the following injury.

1. Using the "lat pull-down"
(fitness equipment shaped pulley)
Error: Interestingly in the back of the head.
Only someone who has a very flexible shoulder joints are capable of making their spine straight enough to do this exercise correctly. If we are wrong and do it repeatedly, then the inter-shoulder impingement can no longer inevitable. Or even worse, it could lead to a torn rotator cuff (muscles and tendons that hold the upper arm at the shoulder joint). When the handle of the hand touching the back of the neck bone, this condition can result in injury to the cervical vertebrae (neck vertebrae).

Safer mode: When using the pull-down menu, try leaning the body a few degrees to the rear. Handheld wand over our shoulder width, then bring the stick down in front of the body until parallel to the breastbone. Lower the shoulder blades together. Hold the abdomen to stabilize the body. Lat pull-down tool is useful to train your upper back muscles.

2. When conducting "military press" (lifting weights to train the shoulder muscles)
Error: Lifting in the back of the head.

Habit of lifting weights or barbell at the back of our heads would cause the same problem as that posed by the lat pulldown device if it is done in the back of our heads.

Safe mode: When doing military press, try to lift weights and barbells in front of our heads. Standing with lean weight is not lower than the collarbone, and make sure we keep the upper body upright. This exercise can also be done while sitting, as long as we sat up and put back on the back of the chair. Maintain the natural curve of our spine, and press your back muscles back and buttocks to the chair.

3. When lifting weights
Error: Lifting burden under the chin.

Never load or lifting weights under our chins. Why? This action will push the muscles in the shoulder area.

Safe way: Compared to the appointment up to the chin, better train our shoulders to lift the load toward the front or to the outer side of our body.

4. Doing "lying leg press"
Error: we are too deep knee bend.

When did lying leg press, we'll sit leaned back and put a foot on the board with the ballast. Next, we will press the board to go up and down his back, with the aim of training the muscle quadriceps (front thigh), hamstring (rear thigh), and buttocks. However, there will be a problem when we bend the knee in excess. This condition will injure your back and knees.

Safe way: if we want to do this exercise, then defend our position not to lift your buttocks from the exercise machine. Avoid bending the knee angle exceeding 90 degrees.

5. The use of cardio machines
Error: The gripping too hard and relying on cardio machines.

Bow or grip too hard armrest will only affect the shape of our bodies and disrupt the body's alignment position. The result, it affects the spine, shoulders and elbows.

Safe way: Do not set too high cardio machines footing as this would require us to hold the machine too fast. Just use the normal setting so that we can hold a light. To get a more challenging exercise, we can hold on one hand lightly. Then, change into other hands regularly. A good form of exercise can protect us from injury and to maximize our workout.

source : http://health-food-nutrition.blogspot.com


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