Desember 13, 2011

Tips for Improve Brain Memory

improve brain memoryActually, our brain will never lose its ability to memorize things. But, one thing you should know is that the performance of the brain to remember everything is affected by the nutrient needs in your body and of course your lifestyle. Even you are not a senile, but once you forget about something, especially when it is important, surely it would bother your day or even disturb your effective work. So, before you start to lose your memories, you better try these:
1. Consume more iron
Deficiency of iron will affect to the IQ level and cognitive function of the brain. Iron holds an important role in keeping the signal of your brain.
2. Do things that exercise your memory
A way to hone your brain is to learn something new. An active brain will always make lines to link all information you have. Beside, it is easier to catch information, no matter how old you are!
Here are some exercises you can do to train your memory:
-          Play instrument
-          Interact with people
-          Play scrabble, chess, or Sudoku
-          Learn languages
-          Reading
-          Start a new hobby
 3. Sports
Sports will update your cardio to pump the blood more effectively to the brain. It is also manages your respiratory and improve immune system.
 4. Consume Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo biloba will improve the blood circulation to the brain by raising the blood vessels thus increasing blood supply to the brain. You can get it from the supplement.
 5. Avoid alcohol
Alcohol will damage the brain because it affected to the lack of nutrients in your body. Besides, it risks you to have more problems on memorizing.
 6. Handle the stress
When you stressed, your brain will produce hormone that damage the brain cells. A long term of stress cause depression and worry and this will also affect to the condition of your mind.
 7. Consume cod-liver oil
It is contains of omega-3 that is the most important component to keep the memory.
 8. Chewing gum
Chewing gum fixes the oxygen supply sent to the brain to increase the cognitive strength of it.
Those are how you can keep or even improve your brain to memory well. Don’t forget to your basic needs and relax your brain too. Of course, your brain can’t work too hard, it needs a refreshing gradually.


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