Desember 13, 2011

7 Good Health Tips for Busy People

good health tipsAre you included as those busy people? Are you type of person that forget when was the last time you had sport? The last time you consume food that is not fast food? Or take some good times to relaxing? If you are, this  good health tips is for you.
Activities should not make you forget about the most important thing in this life: health. In this era where people are racing against time, activities seem to have seized your opportunity to take care of your body’s health. If you still interested in keeping your busy life healthy, these are several simple good health tips for you to follow:
1.  Enough Water
Drink a glass of water each time you wake up. Also drink 8 glasses of water every day. Water will clean up your body from toxins and protect cells from being damaged.
2.  Good Breakfast
Have some breakfast! If you don’t, your blood glucose drops so then you will feel weak and hungry all the time. A good breakfast contains of protein, not carbohydrate. It makes your appetite controlled without requiring you to feel less energy when you do your activities.
3.  Snacking
Of course you are able to have snack. Choose the healthy one. Avoid snack that could make you fat and addicted, such as ice cream and potato chip. You‘d better consume fresh fruits, juice, nice vegetables, or a low-fat yoghurt.
4.  Avoid Fast Food
Fast food doesn’t have enough nutrition for your body. Too much fast food will make a buildup of foreign substances in your body that is feared will lead to bad disease.
5.  No Smoking!
Don’t need more detailed explanations, smoke will damaged your organs and shorten your life!
6.  Simple Sport
This is the most difficult to do for busy people. Don’t be worried, sport doesn’t have to be done on a pair of running shoes or a piece of swimsuit. You can start your simple sport with using stairs in your office or bicycling to your work.
7.  Stabilize Emotions
This health tips is the most important. How busy you are or how chaotic your work is, stabilize your emotion. Don’t let yourself get angry easily or stressed because of your jobs. Be happy!
Whatever we achieve will not be valuable without health, busy activities is no excuse for ignoring the health even while we are young. if you have not done the abovegood health tips, immediately do step by step and enjoy a better quality of life with a fitter body.


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