Desember 13, 2011

Reduce the Risk of Cancer

reduce risk of cancerCancer is a very dreaded disease because it has an enormous impact on patients and their families. While still healthy, better take steps to reduce the risk of cancer.
Avoid cigarette smoke.
For those of you who smoke, immediately stop this right now. While for those of you who do not smoke, avoid smokers because  passive cigarettes smoke  actually have a greater risk of lung cancer.
Maintain ideal body weight
Decrease or increase the weight to ideal body weight is not something easy. Need to change your habits if you want to do it. The ideal weight is the weight between 18.5 to 24 according to the calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index).
ideal weight reducing risk of cancer
Ideal body weight will reduce the risk of some cancers.
Keep Active
One way to lose weight is by moving. Exercise regularly in adition reduce the risk of cancer also improve fitness and immunity so that you avoid the various diseases.
Limit alcohol intake, multiply eat fruits and vegetables.
This sounds simple tips but if you really focus and lead a healthy diet then you will get tremendous benefits. If possible, stop consuming alcohol because of the long-and short-term, alcohol is detrimental. The risk of  colon, kidney, liver and breast cancer increases with duration and amount of alcohol consumed. Make vegetables and fruits are always in your daily menu.
These simple tips to reduce the risk of cancers may be a little difficult at first. But over time this will become a habit that became a necessity.


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