Desember 13, 2011

Common Sleep Deprivation Effects

sleep deprivation effectsDo not ever assume that sleep deprivation is a trivial problem. Here are the Effect you can get from the lack of sleep:
1. Accident
Sleep deprivation of course will make you sleepy at the wrong time. The lack of sleep will reduce your alertness. Sleepy will slower your driving time and it is in the same level as you are driving your car while you drunk.
2. Concentration Declined
Sometimes when you are sleepy, you won’t feel it clearly, but you can recognize the sign that your body needs sleep. It is when your concentration declined. When you sleepy, the performance of your body decreases. It will disturb your vigilance level, reasoning mind, and the ability of your brain to solve problems. You might not know that your sleep term at night give strength to your memory and your mind. If you skip that, imagine how can your day become effective?
3. Serious Disorders
Lack of sleep increase the risk of heart attack, cardiac disorder, heart failure, diabetes, stroke, or hypertension.
4. Affect to the skin health
Pale face and shiner could be caused by sleep deprivation. When your body needs to sleep, your body produces more stress hormone and cortisol. Cortisol, if it produced too much, will damage collagen that function to protect softness and elasticity of the skin. That’s why sleep deprivation effect you for having dull skin and wrinkled.
5. Forgetful
Sleep, out of your knowledge, will make the memories in your brain last longer. Lack of sleep surely will make the memories discard from your brain’s folder.
6. Become Fat
Be ready with the increase of appetite that will make you fat. Must be out of your knowledge too that the lack of sleep related to the appetite level of yours. It is possible to make you obesity.
7. Depression
Sleep less than 5 hours daily will affect to the feeling of stress, angry, sad, anxiety, and else. Insomnia, the number one sleep disorder, is the most related with depression problem.
See how dangerous sleep deprivation effects? From now on, watch your activities and manage it well daily. Also manage your time so you can work effectively without forgetting that your body needs rest too. Sleep better at least 8 hours a day, it will refresh your brain and make it works well.


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