Desember 13, 2011

Improve Immune System

In our bodies, there is a complicated process which acted by various kinds of cells with their own functions. Sometimes, this complicated process is disturbed. This kind of situation surely will affect to your body’s endurance. When your immune system decreases, you can be easily attacked by any diseases. That is why your it is the most important thing for you to keep and improve immune system.

improve immune systemHow to realize that your immune system is decreasing? It is easy. You can even feel it by your own self. Look at your reflection in the mirror and take a look at the part under your eyes—the eyes bags. Is it black? If it is, then you are in a tired condition. Feeling for other way to realize the decrease of your immune system, feel yourself, do you often feel pain in your head lately? HeadacheFlu? One of them could be a sign that there is something wrong.
If you are thinking about how could your immune system disturbed, these explanation hopefully will help you to avoid that disruption and improve imune system:
Air pollution
Actually, your body can’t stand things that are dirty. The sun radiation or chemical exposure is dangerous for our body, yet we have to find it every day.
Unhealthy Meals
Food quality is of course the first priority. Not only the quality of the food’s content but also your schedule of eating. Note your vitamin consuming because it will help you a lot when your body lack of nutrition.
Not Enough Sports
The move of your body will clean all kinds of toxic and increasing the blood circulation. Lack of moves then means lack of process that mentioned. Sports have to be enough done—not less or more. Too much sport will also affect to your immune system.
The mind is the master. So control your feeling and emotion, because once you lose that control, you also lose the control of your system. Have a good heart and a good strategy that will help you prevent problems in your life.
Your body of course needs a turn off point. In a time, the energy you have will exhausted and you have to “recharge” yourself. The only way is to get enough rest each day.
To improve the immune system can be done with avoid pollution, eating healthy food, adequate exercise, relaxation and sleep better at night.


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