Desember 13, 2011

How to Fight Flu and Avoid it from Attacking your Health

fight flu tipsFlu is a common disease that can easily spread by a person to others. It is caused by virus and can be transmitted perfectly by air. Flu might be easy to handle, you can buy your own trusted flu medicine at the drugs store. But, once you infected, it can interfere you from working effectively. So, you better avoid it than treat!

These are how you can stay away from flu:

  1. Drink 8 glasses per day. Water will help your metabolism runs well
  2. Don’t forget to wash your hand. Your hand might be the most dirty part of your body
  3. Exercise your body gradually. A fit body has to move more because it will reinforce your immune system
  4. Eat vitamin C. Will be very good if you get it from fruits and vegetables. It is better than you get it from vitamins formed as tablet or pill
  5. Keep your body warm. You should be clever to decide, if the weather is too cold for you then don’t be lazy to wear a sweater. If you can’t stand taking a bath with cold water, then don’t force yourself. Every people has their own ability to adapt with the environment
  6. Have enough rest so the endurance of your body won’t degenerate and you will not be susceptible to disease
  7. Consume fruits and healthy meals every day. Fulfill all the needs of your body. Deficiency, even a bit, could interfere your metabolism’s performance
  8. Drink a glass of milk every day. Milk can decrease the risk of infected by influenza up to 30%. Milk escalates the antibody levels on saliva
But, if you are already infected, medicine is not only the way to cure flu. Gargling with salt water will help you release excess fluid that makes your throat swollen. You can also try to eat garlic or eat spicy food. To feel better at the moment, eat or drink something mint, like candy or tea with mint.


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